Folk belief at the Castle of Taufers (29.03.-03.11.2024)

The Castle was first mentioned in 1224 and is celebrating its 800th anniversary.

South Tyrolean Castle Institute   

The South Tyrolean Castle Institute (Südtiroler Burgeninstitut) was founded in 1963 to challenge the public and private duty to preserve castles and palaces and to promote their research and documentation.

As the owner of the Taufers and Trostburg castles, the South Tyrolean Castle Institute takes exemplary responsibility for castles and their preservation. Different working groups also serve this purpose. Cultural events offer the members of the Association and interested parties various opportunities for exchanges on castle studies and the preservation of memorials. There is also an extensive specialized library available for further scientific research. In general, the Association’s goals are reflected in its numerous publications, especially in the castle studies magazine ARX (= Latin for “castle”), as well as in the exchange with partner institutions.
Through its members (currently around 390 people and associations), the South Tyrolean Castle Institute represents numerous owners and administrators, researchers and friends of the castles and palaces, and a large proportion of the publicly accessible castles in South Tyrol. Membership applications require a recommendation from a member. The Board of Directors decides on the award of the membership (for a current annual fee of €60.00). The Association’s language is German.

The voluntary association “Südtiroler Burgeninstitut e.O.” aims to protect historical fortified buildings, castles and residential buildings as monuments of art, as evidence of the regional history, the regional culture and as an essential part of the landscape.
(Statute, Art. 2, § 1)

The History of the Association


October 5th — Ringberg residence in Kaltern — Baron Bernhard von Hohenbühel (1st President, until 1993), Robert v. Fioreschy (2nd President, 1993–1998) and Ernst Graf Khuen call for the establishment of an “Association of Castle Friends” in the South Tyrolean Castle Museum in the Propst-Josef-Weingartner-Stube. The South Tyrolean Castle Association was founded, which was supposed to challenge “the private and public duty to preserve castles and palaces as monuments of art and regional history as an essential part of the landscape”.
The first goal of the Castle Association was to create a “castle archive”, which was roughly soon created. The floor plans are included in the Tyrolean Castle Book by Oswald Graf Trapp, founded in 1972, and in the South Tyrolean Castle Map published by the South Tyrolean Castle Institute in 1995.
March 9, 1967 — On the recommendation of Oswald Graf Trapp, Walther Amonn, Baron Bernhard von Hohenbühel, Robert v. Fioreschy, Georg Innerebner, Ernst Graf Khuen, Friedrich v. Malfèr and Erich Pattis founded the “Trostburg Limited Liability Company” in order to acquire the Trostburg Castle in the Isarco Valley, which was in danger of decay, from the Counts Wolkenstein-Trostburg with the support of the states of South Tyrol, North Tyrol and Bavaria.


May 1st — The Castle Association, which takes care of the maintenance work together with the company, leases the Trostburg and moves its headquarters there.


October 5th — In a letter from the President of the South Tyrolean Castle Association, Prof. Dr. Berthold von Zingerle was asked to found a youth group in the Association to save the Trostburg and to set up an annual summer camp. Although there was no formal founding, during the restoration work on the Trostburg (1972-1977) a student group was formed around Georg von Zingerle and Gottfried Wackerle, who diligently supported the work.


July 1st — The South Tyrolean Castle Association becomes the South Tyrolean Castle Institute as a legal entity under private law, “in order to become an important discussion partner and[der Denkmalpflege in Südtirol] collaborator.
The South Tyrolean Castle Institute founded the Working Group of German-Speaking Castle Associations (ADV) for cross-border efforts to preserve castles at Feyregg Castle in Bad Hall, Upper Austria. The Working Group was founded together with the German Castle Association, the Austrian Castle Association, the Swiss Castle Association and the Association for the Preservation of Private Architectural Monuments in Bavaria.
The Trostburg was opened to the public with a commemoration for the 600th birth anniversary of the minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein.
August 15, 1977 — The South Tyrolean Castle Institute acquires the Taufers Castle in Sand in Taufers (with a contract dated November 15, 1977).
June 10, 1978 — H.E. Auxiliary Bishop Heinrich Forer consecrates the castle chapel to St. Anthony the Great once more because it was desecrated during the Second World War.


November 11th, Trostburg in Waidbruck – Together with partner associations in Bavaria and Austria, the magazine “ARX – Castles and Palaces in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol” is founded. It is published twice a year.


December 19th – The shareholders of Trostburg Ges.m.b.H. donate their shares of the Trostburg to the South Tyrolean Castle Institute.
Acquisition of memorial pieces from the important castle historian Provost Josef Weingartner (1885–1957) and of a collection of castle models from Ludwig Mitterdorfer (1885–1963).


1986–1990 – Rental of Gandegg Castle in Eppan and restoration of the chapel and first floor.


August 10th, Gandegg in Eppan – On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute, the founding of a youth group based on the model of the “Trostburg Youth” was suggested in 1988, but this time by young people themselves, in particular by a circle around Hans-Christoph Baron Hohenbühel and Maximilian Graf Deym, which also included Sabina von Walther, Konstantin Stix and Thomas Graf Mamming. Over 70 young people between the ages of 18 and 35 were enthusiastic about the idea and founded a “South Tyrolean Castle Institute Youth” with its own statutes, a small budget and representation on the board of directors (later even with vote right). Under the presidents Wolfgang von Klebelsberg, Alexander and Hans-Christoph von Hohenbühel, Georg and Alix Eyrl and Auguste von Hohenbühel, there was an extremely committed Association community for over 30 years with special services to the Association and its castles.


Foundation of the Scientific Advisory Board. The Scientific Advisory Board was a sub-organization of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute that was active from 1990 to 1999 and held scientific colloquia on castle studies and castle research at least once a year and encouraged research and the exchange of work results in order to serve the Association’s purpose. The coordinator Dr. Arch. Hanns v. Klebelsberg (+1999) led the Scientific Advisory Board from 1990 to 1999 with great commitment. His efforts were primarily aimed at opening the Franzensfeste fortress, the careful use of Runkelstein Castle and saving the Hohenhaus mansion in Gufidaun from demolition. Under his leadership, several topics—such as the castle names, heraldry on castles, castles and churches, 19th century fortresses, structural damage, wall moisture, plaster and paint on facades, and the growth of organisms in walls—were approached and deepened. Further scientific work was taken over by other Association committees.


Creation of a website (further developed in 2002, 2009, 2023)


Baron Carl-Philipp von Hohenbühel becomes the new president.


First European Heritage Day and completion of a ten-year restoration cycle at Taufers Castle.

After a corresponding change in the statutes, the South Tyrolean Castle Institute was able to establish itself on September 30, 1999 with decree of the Governor No. 141/1 based on the L.G. No. 11 dated July 1st, 1993 in the national directory of voluntary organizations and is on an equal footing with the ONLUS associations. This was followed by the recognition as a voluntary organization and the entry in the corresponding state directory in 2023.


May 11th – Trostburg becomes the South Tyrolean Castle Museum with the opening of the permanent exhibition “Castles – Buildings of History”


Founding of the “Castles” series in collaboration with the publishing house Schnell&Steiner in Regensburg.


Photographic coverage of all the castles in South Tyrol as a snapshot.


Completion of the 10-year cycle of facade and roof restoration of the Trostburg.


December 29, 2010, Gleifheim residence in Eppan — Decision to purchase a property adjacent to the Trostburg (parcels of the Schloss, Burgfrieden, Michaelsthor and Gallrein farms) as a result of the establishment of Burgfrieden GmbH for the further management of all agricultural and forestry grounds.


2013–2020 – Übernahme der Verwaltung der Walther-Amonn-Stiftung, im Konkreten bedeutet dies die Obsorge über das Eppaner Schloss Moos-Schulthaus und über die einst zum Ansitz Rosengarten (Payr zum Thurn und Bach) gehörige Kapelle Maria Opferung “im Rosengarten”. Der Verwaltungsauftrag wird mit enormem Engagement für die Instandhaltung, Verwaltung, Restaurierung, Inventarisation und wissenschaftliche Erforschung dieses Schlosses übernommen. Ferner wird das Stiftungsvermögen durch Zukäufe von Wohnungen im Ansitz Schulthaus wesentlich erweitert. Die Tätigkeit fand am 31.12.2020 ihren Abschluss, so dass sich das Schloss wieder im perfekten Zustand befindet und die besten Voraussetzungen für eine weitere kulturelle Tätigkeit aufweist.


– the office moves from Obstplatz 25 to the Palais Toggenburg.


The President of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute Carl-Philipp Baron Hohenbühel is appointed President of Hocheppan GmbH. The Association supports his work on the Hocheppan castle ruins and the small Kreidenturm castle complex underneath.


Expansion of the access road to Trostburg with significant financial support from the state of South Tyrol and the municipality of Waidbruck


Purchase of significant furniture to furnish the Trostburg.


Large exhibition to mark the 60th founding anniversary at Trostburg with redesign of the website and completion of the inner courtyard design in Taufers Castle.

Further activities and information

In addition to castle visits and cultural events in castles, practical exercises, lectures, excursions, conferences and seminars also make a significant contribution to the discussion of castles.


Large Golden Medal of Honor from the South Tyrolean Castle Institute
for outstanding achievements by Association members in the spirit of the Association’s goals

for her cooperation on the administrative board and her support of the Trostburg specialized library (2018),
for her cooperation on the administrative board and her support of the Trostburg specialized library (2018)

Sigrid Pernthaler, member of the administrative board (2004-2010),
for her commitment to the Association apartment at Taufers Castle and her active support of numerous projects, in particular for her services to landscape management and cultural heritage preservation (2018)

Dr. Peter v. Hellberg, Vice President (2004-2007), Board of Directors (2001-2004), Auditor (1977-1993) and Scientific Advisory Board (1990-1999),
for his many years of commitment to the Association and its goals, especially since 1984 as a legal and tax advisor, but also for his services to the care of the homeland in Eppan (2018)

Martin Christoph v. Tschurtschenthaler, board member (1996-2013),
for his commitment to all matters relating to the Association, in particular for his services to cultural heritage, for example in the context of the South Tyrolean organs and with regard to the preservation of the Ritten summer resort and the Ritten railway (2018)

Great Medal of Honor from the South Tyrolean Castle Institute for deserving individuals

Dr. Georg Graf Spiegelfeld-Schneeburg, former Federal Councilor,
for his many years of commitment to the South Tyrolean Castle Institute, in particular to the magazine ARX (2023)

Dr. med. Hans Mair,
for the generous donation of his Tyrolese collection, which became an essential part of the Trostburg specialized library (2023)

Petra Niedziella M.A., main editor and editor at ARX since 1986 (2021)

Prelate Dr. Johannes Chrysostomos Giner CR, provost emeritus von Neustift,
for his priestly service (2006-2017) at Taufers Castle (2018)

Dr. Countess Antonia Marzani (+), President of the Associazione delle Dimore Storiche Italiane sezione Trentino,
for the good cooperation between the Italian Monuments Association – Trentino Section and the South Tyrolean Castle Institute (2016)

Bodo Ramelow, Prime Minister of Thuringia,
for the good cooperation between Thuringian Castle Road and the Thuringian Castles and Gardens Foundation with the South Tyrolean Castle Institute (2016)

Certificate of honor from the South Tyrolean Castle Institute for deserving members

Johannes J. Trapp, Count von Matsch (September 25, 2019)
for his commitment to the Churburg, in particular for the founding of the “Churburg Economic Talks”

Employee awards

Walter Silgoner
for decades of service as accountant and secretary of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute

Richard Ignaz Rieder
for several years of service in the management and administration of Taufers Castle

Theres Gröber
for decades of commitment to leadership at the Trostburg and in the care of the landscape around the Trostburg (honorary plate)

In memory of the deceased honorary presidents and honorary members 

Gr. Uff. Dr. Bernhard Freiherr von Hohenbühel (1922-1999)
Honorary President 1993-1999
founder of the South Tyrolean Castle Association, first President 1963-1977, co-partner of Trostburg Ges.m.b.H. 1967-1981, first president of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 1977-1993, co-founder of the working group of German-speaking castle associations, co-founder of the magazine ARX, founder of the Scientific Advisory Board, sponsor of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute Youth, honorary president with a seat and vote on the board of directors 1993-1999.

Hofrat Dr. Oswald Trapp Graf von Matsch (1899-1988)
Honorary member 1981-1988
board of directors of the South Tyrolean Castle Association 1963-1977, advisory board of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 1977-1983, founding member and sponsor of Trostburg Ges.m.b.H., publisher of the Tyrolean Castle Book and long-time state curator in Tyrol, honorary member 1981.

Cav. Gr. Cr. Dr. Silvius Magnago (1914-2010)
Honorary member 1981-2010
sponsor of Trostburg Ges.m.b.H., former state governor. D. of South Tyrol, honorary member of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute in 1981.

Economist Eduard Wallnöfer (1913-1989)
Honorary member 1981-1989
, sponsor of Trostburg Ges.m.b.H., Governor of Tyrol, honorary member of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 1981.

Comm. Walter Amonn (1898-1989)
Honorary member 1981-1989
board member of the South Tyrolean Castle Association 1963-1977, co-partner 1967-1981 and first sole manager of Trostburg Ges.m.b.H., honorary member 1981.

Cav. Gr. Cr. Dr. Robert Fioreschy Edler von Weinfeld (1919-2003)
Honorary member 2000-2003
Founder of the South Tyrolean Castle Association, first vice-president 1963-1977, co-partner 1967-1981 and second sole manager of Trostburg Ges.m.b.H., vice president 1977-1993 and president of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 1993-1998 , honorary member 2000.

Msgr. Prof. Dr. Josef Prader (1915-2006)
honorary member 2002-2006
Sponsor of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute and Taufers Castle 1977-2006, official and papal consultor, honorary member of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 2002.

DDr. Karl Wolfsgruber (1917-2009)
Honorary member 2007-2009
sponsor of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute as State Conservator of South Tyrol working to ensure good cooperation between official and private monument preservation and as a member of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute in his active participation in the Association’s activities, director of the diocesan museum and archive a. D., cathedral provost a. D., canon emeritus, honorary member of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 2007.

Georg Graf Enzenberg (1926-2016)
honorary member 2007-2016
Supporter of the South Tyrolean Castle Association and the South Tyrolean Castle Institute in the area of private monument preservation, in particular through the exemplary conservation measures on the Hocheppan and Neuhaus castle ruins and the preservation of other architectural and cultural monuments belonging to his family, Honorary member of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 2007.

Albert Graf Fugger von Glött (1932-2020)
Honorary member 2009-2020
Supporter of the ARX, 1st Chairman of the Association for the Preservation of Private Monuments and Other Cultural Assets (1990-2008), State Monument Council and MdAG German landowner Associations in Bavaria. Honorary member of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute 2009.

Facbibliothek Burgeninstitut Südtirol

Library catalogue

The Fachbibliothek Trostburg is a specialized library whose collection can be consulted in person. It is largely housed in the office of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute (but also partly in the Trostburg).
It primarily serves the Association members. Use by external parties is possible on a case-by-case basis after consultation with those responsible for the library or the secretariat. The collection of books in the library on Tyrolean castle studies includes works on castle studies, monument preservation, art history, history and various auxiliary sciences. In addition to the specialized castle studies magazines, the collection includes the complete edition of the monthly magazine “Der Schlern”. In 2011 and 2012, the entire collection (including magazine articles) was inventoried and computerized and is now available (see catalog search). Since March 18, 2013, members and interested researchers have also been able to access the extensive Dr. Hans Mair Tyrolensia Collection at Trostburg, exclusively through an appointment with the librarians.

To make an appointment for use, please contact the South Tyrolean Castle Institute’s office Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.:
Runkelsteinerstr. 1 – Palais Toggenburg
I-39100 Bolzano
Tel. +39 0471 982 255 or the library management at

Librarians in charge:
Count Dr. Konstantin von Blumenthal (Chairman 2018, 2022)
Baron Dr. Alexander von Hohenbühel (Chairman 1991–2009, 2012, 2015, 2019, 2023)
Dr. Walter Landi (Chairman 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2024)
Dr. Daniel Mascher (Chairman 2010, 2013, 2016, 2021, 2025)


The desire of the board of directors was to adapt the Trostburg as an attractive Association headquarters. In addition to the rooms for young people, there should also be space for a castle and Association archive, as well as a library on castle studies. Practical requirements suggested moving the library to Bolzano.
Of course, the idea of setting up a reference library on castle studies had already emerged in 1963 with the founding of the South Tyrolean Castle Association, but it was only the founding of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute Youth (1989) and the Scientific Advisory Board (1990) that led to its concrete implementation.
The Association’s Youth, who held both their statutory seat on the Scientific Advisory Board and their seat on the Administrative Board (initially without a vote), saw this as a concrete opportunity to participate. Under the first Youth president Wolfgang von Klebelsberg, people were sought for the various tasks in 1991: Baron Alexander von Hohenbühel and Matthias von Guggenberg had taken up the cause of setting up a reference library in Trostburg. Guggenberg, who moved to Austria after his studies, was later replaced by Daniel Mascher.
With the establishment of a new office of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute at the fruit market in Bolzano, the library’s headquarters were also moved there at the insistence of the administrative board. A number of acquisitions caused the library holdings to grow rapidly, so that after 15 years the idea of moving back to Trostburg came about. Dr. Alexander v. Hohenbühel and Dr. Daniel Mascher pushed forward the expansion of the specialized library and ensured that the holdings were recorded using electronic data processing. In 2005 the library board was expanded with the addition of Dr. Walter Landi. Since then, the inventory has been significantly expanded with a focus on Welschtirol (Trentino) and North and East Tyrol. In 2011, a reorganization with new signatures became necessary (completed by Larysa Vivchar and Alexander Hohenbühel on December 31, 2012). An online catalog is being sought.

For the time being, the Trostburg specialized library in Bolzano is being run as a in-person library and offers those interested in castle studies enough documents for extensive in-depth study of the subject. However, it is not the task of this library to offer an overall overview of the specialist literature on castle studies, as the space and financial resources are far from sufficient for this.  
On February 28, 2012, after some preliminary discussions, the “Dr. Hans Mair Tyrolensia Collection” was donated. It was housed in the Trostburg and offers a variety of important works on the cultural history of Tyrol. Appropriate measures to enable the use of this collection have already been made, so this part has been accessible since March 18, 2013 (after consultation with the librarians). The collection was supplemented by additional items from the Agnes Gräfin Enzenberg collection and some further purchases, comprising now around 5,200 volumes.

From 2010, Dr. Alexander Maier took over the cataloging of the historical library of Taufers Castle (see EHB – Recording of Historical Libraries in South Tyrol) and the complication of the book collection of Dr. Ludwig Walther Regele. Both were completed by 2022, so that a large part of the library was accommodated in the Trostburg. Some remained at Taufers Castle.
In 2019, the book collection at Schloss Moos Schulthaus was inventoried and reorganized by P. Plazidus Hungerbühler OSB from the Muri Gries Monastery. This inventory is now no longer managed by the South Tyrolean Castle Institute, but by the Walther Amonn Foundation.

Catalog Search

Currently searches only for titles in the specialized library on castles of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute, located in Bolzano, Piazza delle Erbe 25 (as of March 11, 2013).

  • For the “Dr.-Hans-Mair-Tirolensiensammlung” located at Trostburg Castle, a printed list of authors, locations, and keywords is available at the Bolzano location.
  • The ARX journal can be searched by author names and terms in the titles (click here). A detailed ARX index is nearing completion.
  • The historical library of Castle Taufers is currently being digitized.
Catalog Search

Burgfrieden GmbH


Burgfrieden GmbH is a simple agricultural company of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute. It is the owner of the forest and meadow areas of the former Gallrain and Burgfrieden farms in the immediate vicinity of Trostburg and manages the agricultural and forestry areas that belong to Trostburg or Burgfrieden GmbH and Taufers Castle.

Sole Manager:
Dr. Carl-Philipp Freiherr von Hohenbühel, b. 25. 07. 1957, Bolzano

Business Address:
Burgfrieden GmbH – landwirtschaftliche Gesellschaft
Burgfriedenweg 22
I-39040 Waidbruck (BZ)
certified Email address:

Bank details:
Raiffeisenkasse Überetsch/Girlan
IBAN: IT 42 J 08255 58163 000303005151
VAT-No: 02709510214


Burgfrieden G.m.b.H. is an agricultural and forestry company and is a 100% subsidiary of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute. It was founded on January 21, 2011. Its ideal orientation is subjected to the statutes of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute.
When the Counts of Wolkenstein-Trostburg sold the farms belonging to Trostburg, only the “Gallrain” farm and a relatively small meadow area belonging to the immediate castle area remained near Trostburg until 1965. The Trostburg Ges.m.b.H., which was founded in 1967 to purchase the Trostburg, and the South Tyrolean Castle Association, which set itself the goal of saving Trostburg Castle from decay, were unable to acquire the property at the time due to financial reasons. Therefore, the then inhabited and managed “Gallrain” farm (with parts of the “Burgfrieden” castle courtyard) was sold to Umberto Santoni, a Milanese entrepreneur.

Burgfrieden Gmbh

In late autumn 2010, the then manager made the South Tyrolean Castle Institute an offer to buy back the now heavily neglected farm, which had already fallen into ruins. On December 29, 2010, the extraordinary general meeting of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute in Gleifheim in Eppan decided, for idealistic reasons, to purchase the property Gallrein 10/I (yellow area in the picture) in the municipality of Waidbruck (pink area in the picture) in the immediate vicinity of Trostburg (green area in the picture, the building in red). Above all, the purchase of the meadows below the castle hill was a central concern of the Association in order to protect the ensemble as a whole from unwanted developments in future generations. Additionally, the forests, fields and meadows were intended to serve as a securing substance. On January 21, 2011, “Burgfrieden G.m.b.H.” was founded as a 100% subsidiary of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute and the preliminary purchase agreement was signed.
On this day, the South Tyrolean Castle Institute commemorated the fifth anniversary of the death of Msgr. Josef Prader, who was inseparably linked to the acquisition of Taufers Castle 33 years ago—a purchase that would not have been conceivable without the successful commitment to Trostburg since 1967. Now the President signed the preliminary purchase agreement, which would not be possible without the successful work at Taufers Castle. This brought the two castles closer together again.
With the purchase of the Gallrain farm, a unit was restored consisting of the Trostburg, Michaelsthor (Waizer), Schwaitzer and Gallrein farms, which had all already been attested in the Middle Ages. The acquisition of the farm gives the Trostburg back some of the substance that it had lost over the course of the 20th century, and at the same time opens up prospects for sustainable and traditional agricultural use and, in the longer term, unhindered access to the castle.
There was a pleasant, extremely relaxed atmosphere in the Kleewein notary’s office at the time and all parties agreed: “It’s good that we (the South Tyrolean Castle Institute) bought it!” A great day for the South Tyrolean Castle Institute and its board of directors, in particular for the motivated President, the Vice-President Wolfgang von Klebelsberg, who is equally persistent in the matter, and a number of other councilors, but also for the two lawyers involved, Notary Kleewein and RA Regele, as well as the auditor, Ritter von Malfèr, who is particularly committed to this matter, and also many extremely interested members. The board then thanked the numerous members and friends of the association who took the trouble to express positive feedback and congratulations on the purchase or even send them in writing. The unexpectedly strong support from the members was very pleasing and beneficial for the board.

The property with a total area of 98 hectares that now belongs to Trostburg covers around 42% of the municipal area of Waidbruck and came into force with the signing of the purchase agreement on October 28, 2011 at Kleewein notary’s office (in the picture behind: Umberto Santoni, Fr. Carl Philipp von Hohenbühel , Wolfgang von Klebelsberg; front: Liliana Santoni, notary Herald Kleewein, Cristina Santoni).

Burgfrieden Gmbh Southtyrol

Chronological events
21.01.2011 Founding of Burgfrieden GmbH
28.10.2011 Purchase of the Gallrain farm from Umberto, Liliana and Cristina Santoni
25.04.2012 The Youth group hikes through the forest belonging to the Gallrein farm and discovers a ruin of a late medieval tower that belongs to the castle but was previously unknown to the South Tyrolean Castle Institute (initially called the “Gröden Tower” by Alexander Hohenbühel).
From 2012/13 Management of the meadows and forests by Theres Gröber, Meinhard Gröber and Irene Gröber.
25.10.2014 Opening of the Valpiol-Gallrain hiking trail on the occasion of the “750 years of Waidbruck” celebration.
2016 An area of initially 100, later 1000 square meters, above the summer house on the Weier is cultivated by Ms. Brauns with local herbs for the production of teas etc.
2016/17 Integration of the Burgfrieden-Weg into the road network of the municipality of Waidbruck.
2018 Repair of storm damage in the forests around Taufers Castle.
December 2018/March 2019 Start of construction for a new road route to the castle with laying of the high-voltage and black/white water and fiber optic cable lines underground.
2023 Purchase of wine-growing rights                                                            2024 Erste Bepflanzung von Rebflächen in Zusammenarbeit mit der Eisacktaler Kellerei


Further initiatives of the Association 


Publications from the South Tyrolean Castle Institute can be ordered via the administration of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute:

South Tyrolean Castle Institute
Obstplatz 25/8
I-39100 Bolzano
Tel. (0039) 0471 982255

Bank details:
Raiffeisen Landesbank Südtirol AG
IBAN: IT 02 L 03493 11600 000300035882
VAT-No. (Codice fiscale): 80005460219                                                MwSt.Nr. (Partita IVA): 03230730214

ARX Series of publications

Band 1: Erhalten und Gestalten von Burgen und Schlössern. Burg Runkelstein. Studientagung am 25. Oktober 1996
Band 2: Das Kulturerbe im Spannungsfeld zwischen privatem Engagement und öffentlichem Auftrag
Band 3: Jeder Stein ein Stückchen Gold… 50 Jahre Südtiroler Burgeninstitut
Band 4: Burgen Perspektiven. 50 Jahre Südtiroler Burgeninstitut 1963-2013

“Burgen” Series 

Burgen 1: Taufers. Eine Dynastenburg
Burgen 2: Schloss Schenna. Lebendige Vergangenheit entdecken
Burgen 3: Trostburg. Zum Nutzen zur Freude und zur Ehre
Burgen 4: Churburg. Wohnkultur und Waffenkammer
Burgen 5: Haderburg. Die Feste an der Salurner Klause
Burgen 6: Schloss Veltturns. Sommerresidenz der Fürstbischofe
Burgen 7: Hofburg Brixen. Von der Residenz zum Museum
Burgen 8: Schloss Prösels. Bollwerk aus der Zeit Maximilians I.
Burgen 9: Montani. Kapelle St. Stephan. Obermontani. Untermontani
Burgen 10: Hocheppan. Eine Grafenburg mit romanischen Kapellenfresken
Burgen 11: Sigmundskron. Bischofsburg und landesfürstliches Bollwerk
Burgen 12: Kastelbell. Von der Felsenfeste zum Renaissanceschloss
Burgen 13: Schloss Tirol. Residenzburg der Tiroler Grafen
Burgen 14: Moos. Ein Eppaner Adelssitz mit spätgotischen Malereien
Burgen 15: Trauttmansdorff. Kaiserin Elisabeths Winterresidenz
Burgen. Kulturgut in Niederösterreich: Kollmitz. Bollwerk gegen Böhmen (Band 1)
Burgen. Kulturgut in Oberösterreich: Schlösser Parz. Sigmund von Polheim und der ersäufte Papst (Band 1)
Die Trostburg oberhalb Waidbruck im Eisacktal
Der codex Brandis. Die Burgen im Burggrafenamt im Vinschgau und im Oberinntal (Vol. 1)
Der codex Brandis. Die Burgen im Etschtal, am Nonsberg und im Sulztal (Vol. 2)
Der Codex Brandis. Die Burgen im Trentino und im Gebiet des oberen Gardasees (Vol. 3)
Tiroler Burgenbuch: Nordtiroler Unterland

Castle Roads 

South Tyrolean Castle Road

Here you will find an informative and beautifully designed list of all participating castles on the South Tyrolean Castle Road.

Castle Road Thuringia

Access here for more information on Castle Road Thuringia.

South Tyrolean Castle Road

Based on the South Tyrolean castle map published in 1995 by the South Tyrolean Castle Institute, several databases on South Tyrol’s castles (and beyond) have been created and can be accessed online. One that still takes the further literature into account up to today (2016) is called “All Castles”. To access these castles, please click on the “All Castles” link here.

Hocheppan GmbH

Official website of Hocheppan:


Nesti Shuttle, Mietwagen mit Fahrer, Ernst Niermayr, 39057 Eppan, Tel. +39 338 5879545

Burg Hocheppan GmbH
Am 8. April 2017 erfolgte die offizielle Schlüsselübergabe an die Gemeinde Eppan und gleichzeitig die Öffnung der Burg Hocheppan für die Besucherinnen und Besucher. Es erwarten Sie:
– a castle tavern with down-to-earth cuisine
– guided tours of the castle and castle chapel
– a magnificent place to linger (further information about the municipality of Eppan)

On October 31, 2016, Burg Hocheppan GmbH became the property of the municipality of Eppan.
Board of Directors:
Baron Carl Philipp von Hohenbühel, President of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute, PRESIDENT
Wilfried Trettl, Mayor of the municipality of Eppan, VICE PRESIDENT,
Massimo Cleva, Vice mayor of the municipality of Eppan,
Monika Larcher, Community representative for the municipality of Eppan,
Sigrid Mahlknecht Ebner, Community representative for culture in the Eppan community, and
Philipp Waldthaler, Community representative and president of the Eppan Tourism Association.
Coordinator: Thomas Rauch, Director of the tourism association

Cultural advisory board from 2017:
Baron Alexander von Hohenbühel, ARX editor, castle studies
Wallburga Kössler, school, culture
Laura Kolowratnik, museum educator, archaeology
Walter Landi, state archivist, historian with a focus on the “Counts of Eppan”
Judith von Lutterotti, school, religion
Hans von Lutz, tourism
Martin von Malfèr, Raiffeisen Association, castle administration
Ute Oberrauch, architect, building culture
Siegfried de Rachewiltz, Ethnologe, Direktor Brunnenburg, ehem. Direktor von Schloss Tirol